High quality.

High quality.

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Ab Tallqvist Oy

Quality, safety and environment

Ab Tallqvist Oy uses the ISO 9001 management system certified by DNV in 2008 and the OHSAS 18001 management system certified in 2016. The company is currently working on developing an environmental management system. In addition, Ab Tallqvist Infra Oy has been awarded a RALA certificate of competence.

Our strict operational policy allows us to meet the wishes and needs of our clients. The careful and efficient planning of how to use our machinery is the cornerstone of our company. In our operations, we rely on our professional and service-minded staff, who also acknowledges the importance of the workplace safety and is actively working to maintain it. By actively taking care of the environmental issues, we strive to prevent environmental damage and to act for sustainable development. We expect our subcontractors to operate in a reliable and cooperative way and to internalize our operating system.


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