With long tradition.

With long tradition.

With long tradition.

A thorough professional of earth construction

Ab Tallqvist Oy, founded in 1965, was originally named H&I Tallqvist after its founders Harry and Ingvald Tallqvist. As the company form was changed from general partnership to limited company in 1991, also the name of the company was changed. The kick-start for the company was an agreement on fuel transportation with Suomen Petrooli Oy (nowadays known as Oy Teboil Ab). Trucking had been practiced since 1952 before the company was founded.

In the early years, the company focused mainly on sand and fuel transportation, and the first excavator was acquired in 1971. Today, the company has about 70 different types of earth construction and transportation units. The newest machinery contain satellite positioning-based measurement technology, which gives the excavator operator extremely precise instructions. In 1977, the company built a new workshop and office in the Kvikant area in Kokkola, Finland.

Company in the 21st century

In 2008, Ab Tallqvist Oy established three branch subsidiaries. Ab Tallqvist Infra Oy focuses on earthmoving, Ab Tallqvist Rental Oy on machinery rental and repair, and Ab Tallqvist Energy Oy on transportation services.

The revenue has fluctuated between EUR 23 and 43 million in recent years. At the same time, the company has employed 120 to 220 permanent employees. The growth of the company has been steady and enabled by our own investments and few acquisitions. We are currently one of the biggest private earth construction companies in Finland. The company operates in all of Finland and we also export our know-how to the neighboring countries.

Ab Tallqvist Oy’s operations are guided by four core values: stronger together, reliability, embracing change and practicality.


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