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Ab Tallqvist Oy

Invoicing information

For more information on invoicing, please contact Mari Sandelin, tel. +358 (0)6 866 7724+358 (0)6 866 7724, or Office Manager Ann Maj Kiviaho, tel. +358 (0)6 866 7723+358 (0)6 866 7723.

Ab Tallqvist Infra Oy

E-invoicing address: 003706343725
E-invoicing operator: Ropo Capital (003714377140)
Business ID: 0634372-5

Ab Tallqvist Energy Oy

E-invoicing address: 003722327784
E-invoicing operator: Ropo Capital (003714377140)
Business ID: 2232778-4

Ab Tallqvist Oy

E-invoicing address: 003792103145
E-invoicing operator: Ropo Capital (003714377140)
Business ID: 9210314-5

Paper invoices:
Kvikantintie 5
67800 Kokkola, Finland

VAT reverse charge in construction services:

Ab Tallqvist Infra Oy sells construction services. The VAT reverse charge is applied to all construction services-related purchase invoices addressed to the company if the services were performed on or after April 1, 2011. The invoice must not contain VAT and must include, for example, the following note: Construction service for which the buyer is VAT-liable (provisions of 8 c ยง, VAT Act).

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