Tallqvist Group to develop it's operations and pursue profitable growth by clarifying it's organisation

As the industry is evolving, Tallqvist will revise it's business functions to better match the demand and the requirements this brings. The aim is to harness almost sixty years of experience while further strengthening it with next-generation tools. Clarifying the organisation will help us better understand business area-specific challenges and increase the effectiveness of personnel training.

People at the core of change management

In order to combine long-term experience and younger expertise, Tallqvist's former HR Manager Gina Tallqvist has been appointed as CEO of Tallqvist Group, starting in her new role on the 14th of September. Gina’s prior experience in compiling versatile teams for versatile customer account management supports the change. Following a long and distinguished career in the industry, Mikael Tallqvist will continue as the Chairman of the Board of Directors, focusing on board management and expert advisory on technical operations.
Customer’s choice

In the transformation of the business environment, customer understanding plays an increasingly important role. With emphasis on the industry focus, we aim to offer the customer better customised and designed services. Through intense research and a combination of experience, expertise and new methods, Tallqvist can provide clients and other stakeholders with an efficient and uniform operating model, and an even better customer experience.

Our strengths