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Tallqvist is publishing a Trainee Program for the summer of 2021 where students studying construction have the opportunity to get to know Tallqvist’s operations and consequently, different types of infrastructure projects. We operate in transport infrastructure projects, mines, the industrial sector, harbours, landscaping projects... We are involved in many kinds of projects.

The program is aimed at first, second and third year students at a university or a university of applied sciences who are interested in infrastructure construction. Graduate-level students are also welcome.


Content of the program in a nutshell

- The opportunity to explore multiple different subsectors of construction on different worksites.

- The tasks are planned in cooperation with the worksites so that the trainee gets as comprehensive a picture as possible of the industry’s offer calculation, the different operations of worksites and projects as well as the industry’s procedures. Your own competence and your study path will also be taken into account.

- The trainee will also be familiarised with an industry-specific production management system and its use as well as different calculation applications. A suitable laptop and software for using the systems and applications will be provided.

- We will handle possible living arrangements on different sites for the duration of the program

So, come try on the hard hat and enjoy the coming summer’s work in a slightly different office with a view. We guarantee that every day will be different.


Submit your CV and a free-form application through the form below. The application period ends on 18 April 2021, and you can start working on 15 May 2021.


Additional information on the program is available from:

Gina Tallqvist

+358 (0) 40 7234970

[email protected] 

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