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Villa School is a Swedish-speaking primary school located in Kokkola, with over 200 students currently enrolled. The school, which has been in operation since 1869, is one of the oldest in Kokkola. Tallqvist acted as a construction contractor in the school's expansion and renovation project, which began in the spring of 2021.


Renovations to old buildings can modernize building technology and, in most cases, also increase the functionality and comfort of existing spaces. Thanks to the renovations and expansion, Villa School's students now have new classrooms, a new cafeteria, and a suitable gymnasium. The extension of the school is a total of 804 m2.

How was the project from the builder's perspective?

The extension was built on-site using pre-fabricated elements. A new intermediate floor was constructed where the old assembly hall was, and an outdoor storage space was added to the schoolyard. The infrastructural work in the schoolyard was challenging due to the rocky soil. Similarly, the renovation of the school building required the construction contractor to have ironclad expertise and patience. Up to 20 Tallqvist employees worked on the Villan School site.

"Renovating old buildings is often challenging because the underlying information for planning can be incomplete. However, we were able to complete the Villan School project with good cooperation," says construction manager Jukka Väinämö from Tallqvist.

What was the construction timeline?

The project began in April 2021, with work starting on the new section's earthworks and the foundation casting work beginning in May. The renovation work began in June 2021, after the end of the school year. The project was completed at the end of July 2022.

What should be considered when renovating a public space such as a school?

Public spaces are subject to the same requirements as any other building space. Renovation work has certain requirements to consider, such as cleanliness classification. Cleanliness classification ensures that the building spaces are clean when they are delivered to the client. During use, no impurities originating from the construction phase should be carried into the indoor air. In addition, construction time moisture management must be considered, including construction-time moisture protection and controlled drying of structures.

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